Yvonne Lefebvre | Mythical Deities




Born and raised in Tottenham, Ontario, Yvonne Lefebvre is a Canadian artist

living in Ottawa. Working from her home studio, she paints mostly with acrylics

and likes to experiment with a variety of mediums. After completing her Masters

of Education at the University of Ottawa, she decided to pursue visual arts as a

career. Largely self-taught, Yvonne is currently furthering her skills by taking

courses at the Ottawa School of Art.

Artist Statement

My passion for art is driven by the peace I feel when working on a project.

My paintings, mainly abstract, are intended to create a sense of calmness and a

readiness for change.  My curiosity, learning experiences and exposure to art play

a large part in my creative process. However, this collection is not inspired from

one particular source, rather a combination of these influences.

Our imaginations are naturally drawn to the idea of mythical worlds, as

seen across cultures. The pieces in this collection are named after Greek gods and

goddesses. My colours are representative of the symbols and feelings that I

associate with each deity. Planning is based mainly on colour choice, and differing

viscosities of the acrylics, using mediums. The result of my techniques creates

organic shapes with limitless interpretations.