Whole Foods: Fancy Watercolour Techniques: Playing with Splashes

Join us at Whole Foods with Yulia Lisitsyna (OSA Instructor) for a short workshop on Fancy Watercolours Techniques. The workshop is only $25 and runs on Wednesday, April 25th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm (register)

Unlike oils, tempera or acrylics, watercolour is a versatile, soft and tender medium that doesn’t have any thickness in it, so the most meaningful part of any watercolour painting is the quality of paper (rough, indented, “toothy”, cold- or hot-pressed). It will be an important factor to consider when playing with paint splashes or rendering textures.

With ideas and the theme (chosen, offered, etc.) guests\attendees will make their own small artworks (either on the postcard-size or on the small (A5) piece of textured paper; tricks with Mylar-monoprinting, additives such wet-to-wet infusion of printmaking ink, “marbling” effects with gouache, dotting and making your own unique adornments with golden acrylics will be also investigated.

Hands-on practical advice, tips for the quick, though so effective decor will be our main objective. Results that are up to appear, may become the perfect exclusively made gift, fancy introduction for your scrapbook, artistic journey or kids’ book illustration.

This workshop takes place at Whole Foods: 951 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 3W7

Please register at artottawa.ca/register