Veronica Keith, 2008 OSA Diploma Graduate, exhibits in NYC

Rediscovery & Sensorial Reality

featuring artwork by Veronica Keith.

Agora Gallery is pleased to announce its newest exhibition, Rediscovery & Sensorial Reality, taking place from July 24th , 2020 through August 27th , 2020.

The exhibition will be on view from July 24 – August 27, 2020

Opening reception: Thursday, July 30  from 6-8 pm

“Canadian artist Veronica Keith envisions her creations as being liberated from narrative constraints, and asks that we look beyond appearances to that which lies beneath. In her oil paintings, Keith plays with the intertwining flow of abstract forms as she explores the tension and ultimate conflict between the seen and the unseen. In doing so, she investigates the concept of “camouflage”, not just as protection from hostile forces, but the meaning behind the notions of personal and private, and of political innuendos both hidden and apparent.” See the Exhibition Invite for more details.

End State

Oil on Board

60″ x 144″

See more images of the artwork that will be on view here –

The Rediscovery & Sensorial Reality Exhibition features work by ten different artists who have used style, color, media, and imagery to capture rich, diverse subjects, including people and places around the world. Their collective works feature themes of rediscovery and sensorial exploration, whether in subject matter, artistic representation, methodology, or style.

This group of artists share multi-cultural backgrounds, and draw influence from rich cultures, either their own or others, which they seamlessly weave into their work to create vibrant, exciting pieces that include portraiture photography, abstract paintings, mixed media works, and digital compositions. Artists Veronica Keith, Deeya Mirchandani, Danny Johananoff, Jerry Anderson, Javier Rivas, Anna Zubets- Anderson, Charmaine Nadine Osaerang, Ragaa Mansour, Ada Luisa Trillo, and Vanessa Gonzalez have created collections that reflect their impressive artistic skills and highly tuned crafts that tell fascinating stories.