The Wisdom Mural

The Wisdom Mural–us-create-the-wisdom-mural

Claudia Salguero, community mural artist and musician, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the latest mural to be created and installed in Ottawa.

In collaboration with Ottawa based knowledge keepers from Algonquin, Inuit, Métis, Afro Caribbean, Latin American, Asian, African, European, Indian and New Zealand cultures, their teachings will inspire the concept of the mural and they will paint it together on panels along with members of the community at large in Ottawa. Once the panels are painted, they will be installed on the big south wall of the Ottawa Community Housing building located at 1365 Bank St.

The raised funds will be used to compensate the knowledge keepers and the Algonquin Emerging Artist that will mentor Claudia during the creation of the mural, as well as for materials, installation costs and professional artist compensation.

Please consider supporting “The Wisdom Mural”, our city’s next grand community mural!

Claudia Salguero’s website | Ottawa Citizen article