Standing in Solidarity with George Floyd

This featured link highlights the many street murals, illustrations, and portraits that have been created in an effort to keep George Floyd’s memory alive and his voice heard:
As a community, we have been shaken. For many Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC), these personal transgressions occur everyday, on micro and macro scales, forcing timely decisions on whether it is ‘worth’ it to say or do anything. The violence inflicted against George Floyd, the complete disregard for the basic human necessity, resulting in an untimely death, is unacceptable. We hear you George Floyd and your family.
At the Ottawa School of Art (OSA), there is no room for prejudice or discrimination.
Courses and programming are ever-evolving to offer members a diverse, inclusive, and equal-opportunity art education, leveraging resources, community and corporate partnerships to assist in removing boundaries. The OSA understands that some members are disproportionately impacted by racial, economic, and/or societal injustices and thus continuously improves upon its policies and procedures, striving towards building a more diverse staff, faculty, and Board and encouraging a discrimination-free environment.
We are committed to teaching art to EVERYONE.
Here are a few links related to George Floyd, protests, and racial discrimination which we as a staff team thought were informative, and we wanted to share them with you. Please take a moment to check them out » Trevor Noah  Killer Mike And, as recommended by Killer Mike, retired third grade teacher, June Elliot