The Ottawa School of Art supports and stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine during the tragedy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We send our heartfelt condolences and support to the people of Ukraine who have been impacted by this illegal and criminal invasion. We encourage our members to support the people of Ukraine in any way possible. 

Links to ways to support:
  • Airbnb

The vacation rental company announced that it will offer short-term housing to up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. The stays will be funded by the company itself and donors to the Host Refugee. People are not only encouraged to donate money but also to open their homes to the vulnerable refugees. Anyone interested can learn how to get involved through their website-


  • Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a charity based in Winnipeg. It is a partnership of 15 Canadian church-based groups working together to end hunger around the world. Donations to the Foodgrains Bank that are used for food assistance projects are matched 4:1 by the Government of Canada. They are working with the Humanitarian Coalition to bring food and supplies directly to people fleeing Ukraine.


  • Canada-Ukraine Foundation

As of Monday, the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has raised over $4 million from all over Canada. “I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from every corner of Canada, who share the horror of the war being waged by Russia against the Ukrainian people,” said Orest Sklierenko, president of the foundation.

The donations are being used to provide food packages, medicine and shelter.


  • Canadian Red Cross

The Government of Canada announced that it will match all donations by individual Canadians to a collective maximum of $10 million. Red Cross said that the campaign has reached the federal government’s mark but additional donations will still be accepted.


  • Children of the Earth and One Humanity Institute

Nina Meyerhof, president of Children on the Earth, along with Christine Burych have flown to Poland to support displaced Ukrainian children. They have started a GoFundMe page, in hopes of raising enough money to buy 600 teddy bears for the children and provide shelter to the families.

The organization started the teddy bear project for kids in Syria. One teddy bear costs $30. The duo have nearly raised their goal of $20,000 for 600 teddy bears and expenses to get them to Poland. Burych told the Star that on arrival in Poland, they found the opportunity to work with the One Humanity Institute to retrofit buildings and provide shelter to Ukrainian refugees. “We’d love to exceed the target for all the extra work we see that needs to get done,” she said.


  • Come Back Alive Foundation

This Ukrainian NGO supports soldiers through equipment supply, providing military training to personnel and officers and more. “The Return Alive Foundation is working to make the army effective.”

The website gives all the details patrons must need to transfer funds. The donation will be converted to Ukrainian currency, Hryvnia and a 2.45 per cent commission will be pay by the receiver.


  • Friends of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund (FUDF)

Since 2014, this organization has responded to vulnerable populations amid war in Ukraine. In the past eight years, FUDF has raise over $3 million in funds, allocated to medical supplies, hygiene products, and other humanitarian aid. Donations directly support those in Armed Forces, displaced persons, casualties, children and more.


  • GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving has initiated a Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund that is aiming to raise nearly $9 million. As of today, almost half has been raised. All donations will be used to bring relief to the displaced Ukrainian communities and provide food, shelter, clean water and more. GlobalGiving has provided long-term relief programs since 2004.


  • GlobalMedic

The Ukraine Conflict Response 2022 aims to raise funds to facilitate Ukrainians fleeing to different countries. They are a registered Canadian charity working with local agencies in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to provide food, hygiene products, medical items and more.


  • Help Us Help

This Canadian charity, founded in 1993, focuses on humanitarian aid in Ukraine and Canada. Donations will go to providing tools and resources for Ukraine’s disadvantaged children and veterans.

The charity has raised more than $25 million in the past 25 years since it was established. They also aim to raise awareness through education.


  • International Rescue Committee

Founded by Albert Einstein in 1933, IRC helps people affected by humanitarian crisis to “survive, recover and rebuild their lives.” Their team is on grounds in Poland and Ukraine to transport resources to civilians who are forced to flee their homes.


  • Kyiv Independent

This Ukraine-based news outlet has already raised nearly $1.5 million, 15 times its goal, through their GoFundMe page. The outlet has been reporting on the latest happenings in Ukraine and shedding light on sufferings from the front-lines.


  • Médecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

The French-based organization has been actively involved in mobilizing response in Ukraine. They have sent out teams to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries like Poland, Hungary and more, to assess the needs of people crossing borders and have also come across people with babies as young as 25 days old, they say. “MSF is preparing for a range of scenarios, which will allow us to step up our response,” the website read.


  • Phoenix Wings

This is a charitable organization that provides aid for treatment faced by wounded soldiers, personal non-lethal protection like vests, and helmets and other crucial assistance. The Bank of Montreal acts an intermediary bank for all Canadian donations towards the fund.


  • Razom for Ukraine

Razom’s Emergency Response is described as an SOS button that is pressed in times of need. “We created this project to provide urgent help and support in face of an extreme and unforeseen situation in Ukraine,” read the website. Their organization raises funds to purchase medical supplies like gauze and sterile pads for those in need.


  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine

RSU is a non-profit organization that brings awareness about human rights and freedom, with a vision to provide Ukrainian soldiers and their families with medical assistance and sustainable living standards. People can donate through PayPal or using their debit or credit cards.


  • UNICEF Canada

The donations to Ukraine Emergency Fund will help the organization provide Ukrainians with safe water, urgent medical aid and health care services, child protection and education. “UNICEF has been working in Ukraine since 1997, and will continue to prioritize the needs of children and families. We continue to prepare for any possible escalation of the conflict,” read UNICEF’s website.


  • Save the Children

Save the Children has been supporting Ukraine since 2014. They have launched a $19 million appeal for donations towards shelter, food, warm clothes and clean water for civilians caught in the invasion. “We are calling on the generosity of Canadians to support our response,” a spokesperson told the Star. Funds are being raised through the Humanitarian Coalition in Canada at


  • United Nations Crisis Relief

Ukraine Humanitarian Fund is an all donations combined fund. It helps support a timely and principled humanitarian response to those in crisis. The donations will help NGOs and UN agencies in Ukraine to provide food, water and other basic necessities to those in need.



United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is urging people to donate on its website. “We urgently need your help to provide life-saving protection to families forced to flee their homes.” The organization says people can make a difference in vulnerable Ukrainians lives with “a 100 per cent tax-deductible donation to UNHCR.”

People forced to flee Ukraine will be provided shelter through the monetary donations, the agency says.


  • Ukrainian World Congress

This international non-governmental organization based in Toronto supports the global Ukrainian community in over 60 countries. The organization is appealing for donations to help provide medical supplies and protective equipment to Ukraine. Monthly donations, and gifts are options.


  • World Vision Canada

For Ukraine Crisis Response, the charity says it’s working in Eastern Europe to support those affected by the crisis, especially Ukrainians entering Romania. They plan on providing psychological support and first aid items for children and urgent relief supplies for refugees. Their team is on the ground distributing hygiene kits and kits for children.


  • Voices of Children

The organization provides psychological and psychosocial support to children suffering from war and invasion, and also assists families in the evacuation process. It offers various programs like art therapy and video storytelling in hopes to improve mental health and development among children in these traumatic times. Donations are accepted in most digital formats, including cryptocurrency.


Links from The Star  and City News.

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