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“I paint because that is what I do.”


Patricia’s talent was notable at an early age.

Her parents arranged to have her draw or paint at recess so that she could keep up her skills.

At the ripe age of 5 she realized that she was different…. She could draw…and well.

In grade one her classmates would line-up wanting her to draw something for them. She enjoyed the interest in the beginning, but as time passed the attention became overwhelming. To the disappointment of her parents she stopped showing her talent all through the remainder of grade school.

It wasn’t until she was in her teens when her parents enrolled her into a vocational art school that she felt she belonged. She was immersed into the world of art and could suddenly create uninhibited.

“Painting and drawing are as natural to me as breathing is… I feel alive when I am creating!”

Patricia’s other great skill is teaching art.

She has been teaching drawing and pastels at the Ottawa School of Art for several years. Patricia enjoys watching her students’ progress from session to session, often hearing her students proclaim, “I can’t believe that I did this!”.

Patricia’s greatest reward is to receive a compliment from her students about her gentle way of teaching.


About the Show


This is a group of calming nature scenes that Patricia has painted over the course of a decade.

The more colourful paintings are Patricia’s more recent works.

“After viewing this group of paintings…you should feel relaxed …and suddenly want to go camping.”


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