Painting Workshop Allyson Glenn

Painting Workshop 

Depth of Space: Impasto to Glazing

By Exhibiting Artist, Allyson Glenn

Saturday February 14th from 9:30 to 4:30

Cost: $ 35.00

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Learn more about developing the depth of your paintings through impasto and non-traditional glazing. Impasto or ‘alla prima’ is the direct application of medium (wet into wet) and is often an expressive application, which offers a three dimensional quality to the surface. In this section, participants will be introduced to simple drawing strategies such as planar, topographic as a means to anticipate and direct the aesthetic of their mark making.


Depth of space can also be achieved through colour, in particular when light is encouraged or discouraged to pass through layers of transparent or opaque paint. In this section participants will gain familiarity with colour theory, optics, characteristics of paint and mediums, and how this may enable them to push and pull space using thinner applications. Both techniques will be discussed in detail through visual examples and demonstrations. Participants will gain experience applying either of the methods to a project of their choice.


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Allyson Glenn

About the Artist:

Allyson Glenn is a professional having shown Nationally and internationally in both non-commercial and public institutions for seven years. Her Paintings are large scale and are rich and expressive.
Allyson Glenn is an Assistant professor of painting and drawing at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, she has also taught in BC and in the US.


Artist Statement:

I am interested in ideas related to the human experience and how people engage with one another. I create images which examine intimacy, emotions, isolation, and identity. Although I specialize in portraiture and the figure, I feel context and setting is equally important to illustrate metaphor, narrative, and content. In more recent works, the subjects are abstracted, combined with architecture, landscape, and interiors.

My paintings are thick impasto and resemble sculptural reliefs. When developing an idea, I sketch and take photos of spaces, people, and still life. These are then scaled and overlapped (this process is more acknowledged in recent works). I also paint from live models, which are painted into background settings. Each painting takes approximately two months to develop and involves an elaborate sequence of preparation which includes photo shoots, scaling, preparatory sketches (anatomical and topographical studies), and the underpainting. This exercise has resulted in many sketches and drawings, some of which I have exhibited separately from the painted works.



firstAbout the Show:
Artist: Allyson Glenn
Title: The Human Animal
Work will be on Display: February 13 to March 22
Reception: February 15, from 1 to 3
Artist Talk: February 15 from 12 to 1



This show is the first part of a two part series of large paintings entitled Allegory. This first part is structured as a visual narrative with pictorial liaisons between the images. The works address human politics and hidden dangers found in complex group dynamics. These large paintings are captivating drawing the viewer in looking to know the story.