OSA Blogs, a new year, a new semester, a new writer!

Welcome back to OSA Blogs, where we highlight the many things that we love about the Ottawa School of Art and so much more!


My name is Malika Welsh, Development & Fundraising Coordinator for the school, you will occasionally hear from myself and other staff members of the school through this format. We want to give you an insight it to the many things that take place at both of our wonderful campuses. Here, you will hear about events, exhibitions, some of the magically creative things happen inside our studios; you will hear about our volunteers, our supporters, news about programing and of course what our student body is up too!

I’m very excited to contribute to this space, but more excited to introduce you to one of our student contributors! Victorya Montbleau, is a student currently enrolled in our Fine Arts Diploma Program. She will be writing blog posts about many different things. OSA believes that students are at the very core of our mission and we work continuously to strengthen and enhance their skills. With this space we would like to invite other students to contribute as well.


We can’t wait to read about the many things Victorya will write about! But before we get to that, in this post, Victorya has graciously shared a little bit about herself:


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m currently taking classes part-time at OSA and in the summer I work as a tree planter out West. I’m also working as a florist apprentice right now. I love all forms of expression. I grew up mostly in Ottawa.


Why did you choose to study at OSA?

I originally heard about the school from someone who went there – Kim Edgar, actually! It wasn’t until years later that I decided to enroll, but the school sounded like a great place to gain experience and I knew the fact that it was a small school would be very compatible to my learning style. I had previously done a couple of years at university, but I felt adrift in what seemed like such an impersonal environment to me. OSA has a big advantage in being small!


What inspired you to choose this area of study? (Medium, subject matter of your work, etc.)

Right now I’m exploring all kinds of different mediums: printmaking, ceramics, photography. Last year I did painting and drawing as well. What seems to tie all my work together is a strong sense of nature (leaves, trees, rocks, etc., and people as they interact with nature). I try not to get too conceptual with my work. I like to let my subconscious express itself first. I feel like my relationship to art is one of self-exploration more than trying to communicate something specific.


What can we expect to read in your blog posts?

I would like to share what different people are up to at OSA and hopefully showcase students or teachers through their processes! There is such a variety of interesting things going on here and I hope to entertain and inspire people by sharing it with them.



Stay tuned to hear more from Victorya! Her first blog post will be up soon!


And also let us know your thoughts! The Ottawa School of Art embraces an inclusive and accessible environment for all, and promote diversity in participation and perspectives. Teaching Art to everyone is our motto and we will always continue to strive to do this!