OAC Young Artist Award: Deadline March 10




What is the Young Artist Award?

The Young Artist Award (YAA) provides funds to young Ottawa-based artists just like you, aged 14-17, so that you can make and share your amazing art!


Am I doing this alone?

No! The program provides mentorship support by teaming you up with an established and qualified

Ottawa-based artist, who is working in the same field as you.


How do I know if I’m allowed to apply?

Good question. Here are the deal breakers. You have to:

Make art. Any kind of art: dance, poetry, painting, mime, or something no one else but you has even thought of yet!

  • Be between the ages of 14-17 at the time of application
  • Have lived in the Ottawa area for at least two years
  • Know a parent, guardian, teacher, mentor, or other who will write us a letter telling us about your excellent self


What will make my submission stand out?

  • Meet the eligibility criteria
  • Propose an amazing project
  • Tell us what this will mean for you now and in the future (no pressure!), and, how it will impact the people of Ottawa, too


I’m interested! How do I apply?

Go to our website (https://ottawaartscouncil.ca/) and find the Young Artist Award. It’s it in the “Awards Section” of “Our Programs”. Follow the instructions there. Or you can always get in touch with us at the Ottawa Arts Council. We’ll help you out in any way we can. 613-569-1387 or info@ottawaartscouncil.ca


How much time do I have?

Not a lot, but just enough! The competition closes on March 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. We’ll let you know in May how things worked out! Cool. Anything else?

Nope. But we really want you to apply, so don’t be shy. Also, if this is your first time applying for something like this, it might be worth teaming up with the parent, guardian, teacher, mentor, or other, we mentioned above. We want you to have the best chance possible of sharing your amazing work with our city.


We can’t wait to see what you can do!


Download the form:

Young Artist Award