Notice of Annual General Meeting


Notice of Annual Meeting of Members

TAKE NOTICE that the annual meeting of members of the Ottawa School of Art will be held at the Ottawa School of Art, 35 George St. in the City of Ottawa on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 7pm for the purpose of: presentation of reports and statements, electing directors, appointing an auditor and the transaction of any other business for which purpose the notice has been given.

For information please call 613-241-7471 or visit



Avis: Assemblée générale annuelle des membres

VEUILLEZ NOTER que l’assemblée annuelle des membres de l’École d’art d’Ottawa aura lieu à l’École d’art d’Ottawa, au 35, rue George, à Ottawa, le mardi 1e décembre 2015, à 19 h. Les principaux points abordés seront la présentation des rapports et déclarations, l’élection des représentants du conseil, la nomination du vérificateur et l’examen de tout autre sujet soumis.

Pour plus d’information, veuillez composer le 613-241-7471 ou visiter



Ottawa School of Art
École d’art d’Ottawa



6.00            Elections of Board


6.01            Election of Directors by Members.

Subject to the provisions of the Corporations Act, directors other than ex-officio directors shall be elected by the Members at the annual meeting for a term of two (2) years.


6.02            Re-Election.

A director, if otherwise qualified, is eligible for re-election to a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms.


6.03            Nominations for Directors Elected by the Members.

Candidates for the office of director elected by the Members shall include:


.01            the slate of candidates for office proposed by the Nominating Committee; and

.02            the persons whose names are put in nomination by any Member at any time up to two (2) weeks prior to the meeting of Members at which the election of directors is held and have submitted to the Secretary of the Board a written confirmation of intent from the nominee.


6.04            Election Method. Where:


.01            the number of candidates nominated is equal to the number of offices to be filled, the Secretary of the meeting shall cast a single ballot electing that number of candidates for the offices; and

.02            the number of candidates nominated is greater than the number of offices to be filled, the election shall be by ballot by the Members.



6.05            Forms.            The Board may prescribe the form of nomination paper and the form of a ballot.