Purchase Prize Winners 2023

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The Ottawa School of Art (OSA) and the J.W. Stellick Gallery is proud to host its 9th international biennale juried exhibition of miniature prints and will present 187 works created by 74 print artists from 14 countries, around the world. This year’s mini-print exhibition will also feature over 40 works purchased by OSA in past years mini-print exhibitions that are part of its permanent art collection.  The exhibition will run from March 30 to May 14, 2023, with the vernissage taking place on Thursday, March 30 2023 from 5 to 8 pm at the OSA’s Main Campus Gallery, 35 George St.

Vernissage: March 30, 2023 from 5pm- 8pm.

Artists were asked to submit their small-format prints (maximum of 10 cm by 10 cm) for exhibition in the OSA’s J.W. Stellick gallery, with artists working in any print medium, with only original artwork being exhibited.

An invited jury of three art professionals with printmaking expertise, (TBA), will be asked to select one print from six categories: Relief, Intaglio, Lithography, Screen Print, New Media and Director’s pick.  OSA will purchase the selected prints and they will become part of OSA’s permanent art collection.  The artists whose work is selected will have their entry fees waived for the tenth miniature print biennale exhibition in 2025 and their selected print will be featured prominently in the gallery and in the exhibition catalogue.    

All prints received for the exhibition will be on display and for sale from March 30 until May 14, 2023 at the OSA’s J.W. Stellick Gallery located at 35 George St. in the ByWard Market.  Admission to the OSA’s gallery spaces is always free and everyone is welcome.  For more information about the Ottawa School of Art, please visit artottawa.ca.  

L’École d’art d’Ottawa (ÉAO) et la galerie J.W. Stellick sont heureux d’accueillir leur 9e exposition sous jury de la biennale internationale d’estampes miniatures. Cette exposition présentera pas moins de 187 œuvres créées par 74 artistes— graveurs provenant de 14 pays différents. L’exposition de gravures miniatures mettra également en vitrine cette année plus de 40 œuvres acquises par l’ÉAO au fil des ans et qui font maintenant partie de sa collection d’art permanente. L’exposition aura lieu du 30 mars au 14 mai 2023, alors que le vernissage sera le jeudi 30 mars de 17 h à 20 h à la galerie du campus principal de l’ÉAO, au 35 rue George.
Vernissage : Jeudi 30 mars de 17 h à 20 h
Les artistes ont été invités à soumettre leurs estampes de petit format (maximum de 10 cm sur 10 cm), peu importe les techniques de gravure choisies, et sachant que seules les œuvres originales seraient exposées, en vue de l’exposition dans la galerie J.W. Stellick de l’ÉAO. Un jury invité composé de trois professionnels artistiques ayant pour expertise la gravure (TBA) aura à sélectionner une estampe pour chaque catégorie : relief, intaglio, lithographie, sérigraphie, nouveaux médias et choix du directeur. L’ÉAO acquerra les estampes sélectionnées qui feront dès lors partie de la collection d’art permanente de l’ÉAO. Les artistes dont les œuvres auront été choisies se verront offrir l’exonération des droits de soumission pour la 10e exposition de la biennale d’estampes miniatures en 2025 et les estampes sélectionnées seront mises en évidence dans la galerie et dans le catalogue de l’exposition.
Toutes les estampes reçues pour l’exposition seront exposées et en vente du 30 mars au 14 mai 2023 à la galerie J.W. Stellick de l’ÉAO, située au 35 rue George dans le marché By. L’accès aux espaces d’exposition de l’ÉAO est toujours gratuit et tout le monde est bienvenu. Pour plus d’informations à propos de l’École d’art d’Ottawa, visitez artottawa.ca.

Purchase Prize Winners 2023

Artist: Karen Auger

Title: Winters Foil


Artist statement:

I use cyanotypes UV light sensitive printing process as a beginning for exploring patterning of the natural world.  The samples: flowers/leaves collected, are native to Ottawa and direct the patterning.  This series is based on the simple Fern, (fronds).  I used natural winter light, timing exposure to produce varied landscape effects.  The print solution is layered to vary midtones, as the depth of the blue is dependent on UV rays which is totally unpredictable.  I use different solutions to tone.  My practice explores many natural printing processes. 

Artist: Jen Hamilton

Title: “Always on Airplane”


Artist statement:

Within my current practice, I explore, emphasise, and visualize themes of maternal experiences, genetic memory, grief, and the unconscious.  These prints are a series of studies from an installation titled Domestic Postpartum, in which over 1000 tiny house-like structures were created using torn up, previously completed artwork, and installed as an isolated village at ground level.  These structures were a response to postpartum depression and the isolation of new motherhood. 

Artist: Robert Quance

Title: Sadie


Artist statement:

My recent work explores the relationship of intersecting shapes and lines, resulting in abstract and architectural images. 




Artist: Ruben Scott

Title: Pine Nut


Artist statement:

The two submitted artworks are a part of my series of small screen-prints depicting small benign nut and nut related things.  In this instance they are a direct response to events in my everyday life.  I used to work at a restaurant and that place served pine nuts as a garnish in a salad.  In my experience when toasting pine nuts in the oven, a golden-brown colour tastes burnt rather than toasted.   






Artist: Valerie Syposz

Title: Girl II


Artist statement:

My current subject matter is centered around introspection – feelings of isolation, internal questions of existence, invisible or real barriers.  Starting from life drawing sketches, I let each image develop intuitively, first by drawing and then throughout the carving and printing process.  Ultimately, I aim to create a series of bizarre portraits that reflect on human existence and the perception of self. 




Artist: Stephanie Dold

Title: The Trap is Set


Artist statement:

I love spiders. I always have. 

Spiders are beautiful and terrifying, the true sublime. 

This series of prints is my expression of love and reverence for spiders.  From a distance, the vibrant colour catches the eye, drawing you in.  As you approach the image slowly resolves.  Once you are close enough to truly see, the trap is set, the prey is caught, and it is far too late to turn back…

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