The Summer Masterclasses focus on providing students with new and unique approaches to familiar media that will expand their horizons of self-expression and creativity. The courses range from drawing expressively and intuitively to electric etching with a variety of other courses in between. Each workshop is taught by artists who are active practitioners of these techniques and students will have a rare opportunity to work with these artists to gain a better understanding of them as well as beginning to master the techniques involved. Please check out this dynamic selection of courses and try something new and different this summer!

Les cours de maître d’été sont axés sur des approches innovatrices tout en permettant aux étudiants de travailler avec des moyens d’expression qu’ils connaissent déjà, élargissant leurs horizons et favorisant leur expression personnelle et leur créativité. La gamme de cours offerts est vaste et comprend notamment un atelier de dessin expressif et intuitif, un atelier gravure électrique, et bien plus. Chacun des ateliers est enseigné par des artistes et praticiens expérimentés. Les élèves auront une rare occasion de travailler avec ces professionnels et d’acquérir une meilleure compréhension et maîtrise des techniques. Prenez le temps de parcourir cette gamme de cours dynamiques et essayez quelque chose de nouveau et de différent cet été!


This comprehensive workshop aims at demystifying drawing hands and feet. Participants learn the traditional methods used to accurately draw using scale and proportion. Then our focus will be on rendering planes and form achieving a three dimensional finished piece.

Instructor: Jayne Couch
Fee: $235
Tuesday to Friday, 9 h – 16 h
July 03 – July 16
5 days | 30 hours




In the mornings students will be working on assignments that focus on expression and the development of visual intuition. This will involve mostly non-representation drawing, but some representational assignments will also be presented. Students are encouraged to wear clothes that can get dirty, and to bring any other wet or dry drawing media you already own in addition to the items listed below (i.e.: markers, water colour paint, wax crayons, conté, etc.).

In the afternoons students will focus on their own artistic practice. Students are required to bring supplies required for their self-directed projects. Throughout the week the instructor will have several one-on-one discussions with each student as their work develops. Students wishing to contact the instructor about their plans before class begins should contact OSA who will pass along their questions.

Instructor: Diana Thorneycroft
Fee: $340
Monday – Friday, 9 h – 16 h
July 9 – July 13
5 days | 30 hours


Using the human figure as a subject, this course will introduce the fundamental techniques of clay modeling and observation. The main focus of the course is on a series of daily sessions sculpting one sustained pose from a life model. Students will also complete exercises requiring them to reproduce body features from plaster models. This course is a perfect opportunity for those who have no experience sculpting the figure from life or have done some figure sculpting before and are looking to improve their skills. In this workshop we will be sculpting a 1/3 scale standing figure. The course will take students through the steps of building a standing figure in clay using basic armatures and additive clay application methods. Students will become familiar with modeling on an armature and the procedures of developing an initial gestural set-up. This introductory course will focus on the simple construction of basic forms and anatomical structures through observation of the model. Students will be introduced to measuring and scaling techniques to create scaled figure studies, while learning to identify proportion and relationships of mass. Students will be encouraged to investigate sculptors and Installation artists using the human form in contemporary art.

Instructor: Nicholas Crombach
Fee: $400
Friday – Tuesday, 9 h – 16 h
July 13 – July 17
5 days | 30 hours
5 models


Linocut printmaking is an exercise in thinking and being able to express oneself in black and white through lines, marks and textures.
As a traditional technique the linographic print is the visual result of research where formal innovations give contemporary values.
The original print made from linocut is an effort in structuring and subtraction where the possibility of experimentation has the same importance as in the fields of painting and drawing. Therefore it is very important to point out to the students the importance of the contemporary sense of relief printmaking.

Linoleum is an alternative, malleable and accessible material that gives printmaking the concept of the original print as an independent means of artistic expression.

This course will be offered in Spanish, French and English.

Instructor: Victor Hernandez Castillos
Fee: $380
Monday – Friday, 9 h – 16 h
July 30 – August 03
5 days | 30 hours


Etching metal with water and electricity offers a new and exciting way to work copper plates. Electro-etching is not only exciting and effective it is safe and environmentally responsible.

The workshop will offer an overview of the electro-etching process including a step-by-step hands-on experience.

Instructor: Karen Cornelius
Fee: $375
Tuesday – Saturday, 9 h – 16 h
August 07 – August 11
5 days | 30 hours