Lindsay Watson | Season


Lindsay Watson is a process-oriented artist, based in Ottawa, who

merges photographs of the small and large moments in her life with the lush

expressiveness of oil paint, to create artworks that range in tone and scope

from humorous to quiet, tender to fairytale-esque.  Particularly fascinating to

this artist, is the way that photographs, (all her own, and either transferred

directly onto the painting surface, or used as a visual reference), create a

sense of shifting viewpoints when combined with expressive painting.  The

resulting juxtaposition creates a unique blend of landscape and mindscape,

where documentary photographer meets Romantic landscape painter.

In “Season”, Watson explores experiences specific to each time of

year, through the emotion-mirroring aspects of landscape painting.  A

compilation of works from different series’, each piece was originally meant

to stand alone.  However, taken together, they allow insight into how our

emotions and world views change throughout the seasons.

Since graduating from the BFA program at Ottawa U. in 2003,

Watson had created several bodies of work, among them The Road More or

Less Travelled, Interior Spaces, Rainstorm at the Guggenheim, Fireworks,

Playing House, Night Skate, New Year’s Day, and Fall that have been shown

in several venues, including Cube Gallery, The New Art Festival, the West

End Studio Tour, the OSA Gallery, The Toronto Art Expo, the Ottawa Art

Gallery’s Art Rental and Sales, and The Agnes Etherington Art Rental and

Sales in Kingston.  Lindsay Watson also enjoys teaching art classes for

adults and children at The Ottawa School of Art, and for the City of Ottawa,

Plant RC.