Kathleen McCrea Body and Mind @ Lee Matasi Gallery

Artist Statement

The theme of this series of dry points called “Body and Mind” is the transition from a traditional subject, the nude, to an idea. To develop an idea, the image of the nude is recreated in a new context. This conversion from subject to idea is a metaphor for our life existence, a partnership between the physical body and the mind.

To generate a series of subjects, I sketch nudes from the live model using pencil on paper. Next, I use dry point techniques to rework the images. The new contexts are achieved by rearranging and overlaying figures to create narratives or dialogues between the figures; by adding motifs using chine collé; and by applying different inking techniques.

These dry points are an expansion of my life drawings and serve as a tool to push a traditional subject matter, the nude, into an idea.


Kathleen McCrea
Body and Mind
Lee Matasi Gallery
May 9 – May 22, 2013
Vernissage May 9th, 2013 @ 6pm