Screen Print: Jessica Semenoff

Specimen 3D4C
Screenprint on Accademia, 2019
Alberta, Canada
The purpose of “Combinations” was to try different colour combinations. The works include a variety of analogous, complementary, harmonising, and triadic colours. An abstract shape causes the creation of a bacteria-inspired series of artworks being contained in petri dishes, as their individual titles point to. I researched different types of bacteria and loosely used their shapes to create each layer. Nature often inspires my artworks, which holds true with this collection of prints.

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Jessica Semenoff is a Calgary-based multidisciplinary artist in the early stages of her career. Born and raised in British Columbia, she grew up surrounded by nature. This created a desire to use flora and fauna as inspiration in many of her artworks. Using various mediums, she creates representational works of plants, animals, humans, scenery, and more. Her adoration for nature and the environment goes hand in hand with repurposing discarded items and incorporating them into her artwork when possible.

A short statement about the other works submitted :

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