Guillaume Lachapelle Free Lecture



Free Lecture  

Guillaume Lachapelle


Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: OSA Library

Cost: Free

Presenter: Guillaume Lachapelle


Guillaume Lachapelle will be giving a free talk this Thursday at noon in the library at the Ottawa School of Art Downtown Campus. All are welcome and encouraged to come!


“Guillaume Lachapelle’s works depict a playful universe occupied by objects with uncertain functions where the actual codes are reinterpreted. The architecture of the sculptures present motifs of everyday scenery and provides the setting for a story that implied accessories and characters interact and speak in metaphors. At the intersection of two worlds, facades and thresholds establish a focal point where the dialogue begins to develop. The sculptures are presented as an installation. They fit between the strange and the familiar in an unlikely theatrical where nature is diverted. Their pretenses mechanisms give the impression of a function that nothing reveals that remains untold. Despite their attractive appearance, they reveal rather to an idyllic world and point to dystopian universe.” – Artist Statement