Giving Tuesday- Let’s Teach Art to Everyone!

November 28, 2023

Bursaries Make a difference


We provide bursaries for children, youth, and adults facing economic difficulties who want to continue their studies and explore their interests in the visual arts. Bursaries range from $150 for a half course to a full course at $350.


With you support a bursary provides students with the opportunity to create and express themselves at the Ottawa School of Art. The value of an individual bursary is based on the level of financial assistance required and the funds available. Let’s provide bursaries so art students will continue to create!

Your donation will provide a full course bursary.

Your donation will contribute half of a course bursary.

Your donation will contribute to a course bursary.

Your donation will contribute to a course bursary.

Gabrielle and Benjamin and their parents were so grateful for their bursaries this past summer. Both sister and brother were accepted for the bursaries. This meant that they were occupied for the week and learned new art skills during the summer.

“Their teachers Nadine Argo and Gunsu Ozan were fantastic. Their creativity and professionalism are amazing. Thanks for the bursaries for both of our kids. We are hoping that they can continue with their art classes in the future.”

We were also encouraged by a young refugee boy named Jack:

A refugee family was sponsored by a downtown church. The church applied for a bursary for their 13-year-old boy named Jack to attend an animation camp. Jack was known by his family for relying on his drawing and painting skills during difficult times while he waited to come to Canada. Jack learned a great deal about animation and shared a short film with his family in the camp. He and his family were so grateful to the school for giving him this opportunity.

Bursary Eligibility

The Bursary Program is open to everyone who would like to enrol in a visual art course at the Ottawa School of Art. Children, youth, adults and seniors, with or without any prior visual arts experience or education, but who show a genuine interest and require financial assistance are encouraged to apply.


Applicants are asked to fill out the Bursary Application clearly stating the following:

  • The art course they want to participate in
  • The amount of financial support required
  • The applicant’s financial situation



The value of the individual bursary will depend on the level of financial assistance required and available funds.

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