Fritzi Gallery

With a shared commitment to showcase the work of established and emerging local artists, the Ottawa School of Art and Great Canadian Theatre Company have partnered this season to present exhibits by Ottawa visual artists in the Lorraine ‘Fritzi’ Yale Gallery, beginning with a solo exhibit by Julie Mercantini.


Creating movement and energy is one of the most important aspects of Mercantini’s current work. Rather than setting out to deliver a message or paint a subject, she tries to create movement and rhythm on canvas with colour and texture.


“Eventually images will begin to develop on their own as I paint. My work is abstract, yet nature seems to reveal itself, perhaps because of our fundamental desire to connect with our sublime surroundings,” says the artist of her work. “The outcome has a layered feeling as traces of the under-painting can be seen upon completion of the work, like secrets from the past, representing the importance of where we’ve been in shaping our present identities. The title of this show, Seeing Through, is about how we can see more by looking beyond the surface.”


The Ottawa School of Art is an educational centre for the visual arts in Ottawa, providing the community with the opportunity for creative expression, development, and growth based on an orderly progression in knowledge and skills. Within a well-defined program, the OSA offers high quality instruction to all levels through direct involvement with professional artists.

GCTC is a professional non-for-profit theatre company with 41 years of experience in creating and producing a wide array of Canadian theatre.