Fête Frissons

Participate in a collective painting project with the Ottawa School of Art! In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, each participant will be given a small canvas to paint a unique and lovely heart and let their creativity go wild. Never painted before? A painting instructor will be on site, giving you tips and tricks to paint your heart in a creative way and style! Limited number of seats available; first come first served. The final painting will be exhibited in the Ottawa School of Art’s Wall Gallery located on the 3rd floor of the Shenkman Arts Centre.

Participate in a collective painting project with the Ottawa Art School! In an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure, each participant will have the opportunity to show creativity in order to paint on a small frame entoilé a unique and expressive heart. You’ve never painted before? A painting teacher will be on site and will give advice to allow you to paint with creativity and style! Seats are limited; first arrival, first served. The final work will be exhibited in the exhibition space of the Ottawa art school located on the 3th floor of the centre arts centre.

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