Drawing Deconstructed | Jayne Couch Molony

Preston Square Solo Exhibition

347 rue Preston Street,
Ottawa, Ontario

Drawing Deconstructed | Jayne Couch Molony | Solo Exhibition | January 12, 2024 to March 22, 2024


The Ottawa School of Art (OSA) is pleased to feature the work of Jayne Couch Molony.


The OSA would like to thank Preston Square and Waterford Property Group for the use of this space.


The Ottawa School of Art is an educational centre for the Visual Arts in Ottawa, providing the community with the opportunity for creative expression, development, and growth based on an orderly progression in knowledge and skills. Within a well-defined program, the OSA offers high quality instruction to all levels through direct involvement with professional artists. For more information on courses and programs at the Ottawa School of Art please contact us at 613.241.7471 or visit our website at www.artottawa.ca

Artist Statement:

Drawing Deconstructed is an innovative art exhibition that seeks to unravel the captivating narrative of the humble line, delving into its profound significance in the drawing process. This exhibition offers a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of drawing, where the elegance of geometry seamlessly intertwines with abstract of non-traditional fabric studies.


Through a series of thought-provoking artworks, Drawing Deconstructed invites viewers to explore the intricate relationship between lines, form, and expression, transcending conventional boundaries and embracing new artistic horizons. This exhibition celebrates the art of drawing in all its complexity, shedding light on the beauty and transformative power that lies within the simplest of strokes.


The purpose of this exhibition goes beyond artistic expression; it serves as a platform to promote and celebrate the more subtle aspects of art within the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) fields. By bridging the gap between art and science, I hope to encourage dialogue and appreciation for the intersections of creativity and knowledge in contemporary society.

Artist Biography:

Intrigued by the captivating beauty of line my artistic journey began with high school drafting, which eventually paved the way for a remarkable 25-year career in the film & television industry. However, it was the early experiences in life drawing that truly ignited my passion for the art of drawing.


Through dedicated studies in Paris, France, New York City, and across Canada, my artistic vision has evolved, and is reflected in my distinctive teaching philosophy. For me, drawing is not just a skill; it’s a profound and simple way to make sense of complex ideas.

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