Program Policies

Course Cancellations
Cancellations are accepted only when the request is made within one week of registration and prior to the scheduled date of the second class. All cancellations are subject to an administrative fee. In the event that the OSA cancels a course, students will receive a full refund. Students who wish to withdraw from a course beyond the cancellation deadline will have an ‘Incomplete’ recorded on their transcript.

Although it is not mandatory for entry into the portfolio year, prospective students may want to bring a selection of their ten best works to the interview. Students are encouraged to enroll on a full time basis to obtain the maximum benefits of the program. Part-time status will be considered under certain circumstances. For further information please consult with the Diploma Program Coordinator. Learn more under Making a Formal Application here.
A full course load is five courses each term. Part-time study is defined as a minimum of three courses each term. Students who want to study part-time are required to start with the mandatory courses as outlined in the current course schedule. Alternatives to these requirements are rare but can be considered.
General Program students can audit credit course classes providing there is adequate space and permission from the instructor. Course fees must be paid in full and no evaluation will be given.

Duration of Study
Normally, full-time students should complete their studies in one year. Note that part-time students are expected to complete the program in a maximum of two years from their start date.

Class Requirements
80% attendance is required in all credit program courses. Instructors will outline course assignments at the beginning of each term. It will be the responsibility of each student to fulfill these requirements to receive a passing grade. These ‘quantitative’ requirements will not replace the ‘qualitative’ goals of producing work that demonstrates progress, improvement and commitment in its development and direction.
To maintain full-time standing in the program, students will have to meet all course requirements (attendance, assignments, etc.) and receive a passing grade in enough courses to earn a total of 12 credits per term. It is important to note that ‘Incomplete’, ‘Withdrawal’ and ‘No Credit’ mark designations will not be counted when totaling the minimum 12 credits per term. Credits will only be awarded in those courses in which the student receives a passing grade. In addition, students are required to maintain a yearly C+ average or higher.

Course Failures
If a student fails a required course they must repeat and pass that course as soon as possible. Students are given two opportunities to pass any required Portfolio course. Upon failing such a course for the second time, students will be transferred to the General Program and will be allowed to apply for reinstatement after a period of one year.

Students may lose their full time or part-time status for the following reasons:
A. Inactivity: failure to register in an ongoing or consecutive basis for the required number of credits per term;
B. Non-payment of fees or outstanding accounts;
C. Failing grades or failure to maintain a C- average;
D. Failure to complete the program within the accepted time limits; or
E. Unprofessional conduct or occurrences that may demean the reputation of OSA.

Appeals can be directed to the Executive Director. Applications for reinstatement can be submitted after a period of one year.

At the end of each term marks will be posted on the third floor announcement board.Students can request a copy of their transcript from the Program Registrar at: . If the student requires an Official Transcript, they are required to pay a $10 administrative fee (includes tax).

The Ottawa School of Art uses the following letter grades for evaluation purposes:

  • A+ 90 – 100%
  • A 85 – 89%
  • A- 80 – 84%
  • B+ 77 – 79%
  • B 73 – 76%
  • B- 70 – 72%
  • C+ 67 – 69%
  • C 63 – 66%
  • C- 60 – 62%
  • D+ 57 – 59%
  • D 53 – 56%
  • D- 50 – 52%
  • F 0 – 49%

Satisfactory Scholastic Standards
A certain level of academic standing is expected from students in the Fine Arts Diploma and Portfolio Certificate Programs. Students will be expected to maintain a C+ or better on all courses selected.

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