Current Schedule & Fees

The Ottawa School of Art reserves the right to modify the course schedule and course fees.

Current Certificate Fees
Prospective students pay a one-time Application Fee of $56.50 (includes HST) at the time of their interview. All students are required to become members of the Ottawa School of Art. The Individual Membership fee of $33.90 (includes HST) is valid for one year from the date of issue. Application and membership fees are not refundable.


Tuition is currently $375 per course, per term. Tax is not applicable to tuition fees.

Current Schedule of Courses
Portfolio Certificate year
Fall & Winter mandatory courses:
Visual Foundations I & II 6 credits
Foundation Drawing I & II 6 credits
Intro Studio Painting I & II 6 credits
Fall & Winter elective course choices:
Intro Studio Sculpture I & II 6 credits
Intro Studio Printmaking I & II 6 credits
Intro Studio Photography I & II 6 credits
Intro Studio Ceramics I & II 6 credits
Completion of the year equals 30 credits