Financial Information

It is necessary to become an OSA member before taking courses. You can purchase an annual membership for only $30 (plus tax) and it is valid for the entire family. Students must pay a minimum of one half the course fees for the term plus membership at the time of registration. The remainder of the fees is due and payable before courses commence in the form of post-dated cheques.

Any other financial arrangements must be made at the time of the prospective student’s interview. Application forms for the OSA financial plan will be discussed at that time. Students are encouraged to apply at least two months prior to registration.

The Ottawa School of Art accepts cash, cheques, VISA or MasterCard credit cards and INTERAC bank debit cards. Registration may be made in person or by telephone (VISA or MasterCard only).

NOTE: There is a 2.5% surcharge on all credit card transactions.
NOTE: There is a $25 administration charge on all NSF cheques.
Full time students will receive a tax receipt from the school.

International Students’ Financial Information here


Official Transcripts
Transcripts can be mailed directly to the institutions of your choice by filling out the form and paying the fee. It may take between one and three days to process, depending upon the number of requests.


Download the Official Transcript Form [ENG] [FR]

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