Deserts and Mountains


Artist Statement


Mitra Eghtedari

June 2015



I recall a love of nature and the outdoors as far back as my childhood. Memories of mountains and valleys, and the night sky of special blue with silvery stars, are forever etched in my mind.


In my art the beauty of landscapes is the source of my inspiration. I explore colour, light, form, texture and mood.


I am interested in abstract and semiabstract forms of expression, rather than pure representation. These forms enable me to achieve a direct sensory experience and expression.


In my mentorship with Mahshid Farhoudi, I based my landscape painting on images of deserts and mountains from arid parts of our planet, reminiscent of my native country Iran. The vast open spaces, blazing sun and blue skies capture the beauty of arid lands.


I have explored painting, printmaking and photography. Landscape is the common thread and source of inspiration through all my art.