Delphine Saint-Fort | A Voice for the Voiceless

A Voice for the Voiceless

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How often do we miss things that are right in front of us? This concept of being “Overlooked” is what inspired me for my new collection of art. I want to bring visual awareness to a subject that can often be overlooked in the art world: homelessness. I am passionate about communicating visually, about connecting with people emotionally through my art. Now, I can share this topic that is close to my heart with others.



“I am passionate about art and I love to express myself through my art,” says Delphine Saint-Fort.


It’s obvious she pours her passion into each work she creates. But for Delphine, it’s not just about expressing herself through art; she endeavours to bring attention to social issues of our day. Though her style varies from realistic to expressionistic, her goal with each piece remains the same; evoke an emotion and speak to others through art.


Delphine was born and raised in Ottawa. It was in her later years in high school where she developed her passion for art. She moved to Pensacola, Florida to study Graphic Design at Pensacola Christian College in 2010. In 2013 she returned to Ottawa to continue her fine art education at the Ottawa School of Art. In March 2014, Delphine received The Wallacks Artist Scholarship. Delphine has since displayed in the city – including Winterlude, Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche 2015, Ottawa’s prestigious Holt Renfrew chain of stores, and she has assisted Jeffery Farmer, a renewed Vancouver based artist, with a photomosaic he created for The National Gallery of Ottawa.


Miss Saint-Fort is currently in her final year of completing a Fine Arts Diploma at the Ottawa School or Art.







Delphine Saint-Fort



Currently completing a three-year Fine Arts Diploma at The Ottawa School of Art.

2010-2012 Graphic Design, Pensacola Christian College



Wallacks Art Supplies Scholarship ,March 2014.




Nuit Blanche Ottawa, September 2015.

Ottawa Winterlude, February 2013.

Assisted Jeffery Farmer with an art piece at The National Gallery of Canada

Works in oil hung in private collections in Ottawa.