Arts Fundamentals Certificate Program

*Only available at the Orleans Campus.


The Arts Fundamentals Certificate is a 10-course non-for-credit program that provides students with a unique opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of art forms, develop individual expression, and find their own artistic voice. This well-structured program provides students with access to the study of various studio areas including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and woodworking, and helps them grow as artists by expanding their experience and knowledge, and helping them move beyond their comfort zone. Studying with working professional artists in a studio setting, students will also have the chance to develop and expand their present body of work and build an impressive portfolio which is a requirement to apply to the Diploma Program offered by the Ottawa School of Art or to University or College.



Admission Requirements

While there are no prerequisites for the Arts Fundamentals Certificate other than a desire to improve one’s artistic abilities, prospective students must officially apply to the Arts Fundamentals Certificate by filling out the application form. Prospective students interested in applying must contact the Orleans’ Administration Officer by calling the main number of the Orleans Campus: 613.580.2765. A $50 application fee will be charged at registration (this fee includes the $30 membership fee) and a $37.50 fee per course will be charged at the beginning of each term (for individual critics with each instructor).



Registration starts at the beginning of July each year and continues until the start of courses. Early registration guarantees a better choice of courses.



Duration of Study

Students may take up to a maximum of three (3) years to complete the certificate. It is mandatory that courses are taken in their suggested order, and introduction courses must be successfully completed before moving on to intermediate and advanced courses.



At mid term and at the end of each term, students will meet with their instructors to discuss their progress and work. Students will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis.


Class Requirements

Attendance will be taken in all classes. 80% attendance is required in each course. Being more than twenty (20) minutes late for any class constitutes an absence.


At the beginning of each term instructors will outline the class assignments. These include a minimum 3 hours per class of homework. It is the responsibility of each student to fulfil these requirements in order to receive a passing grade. These quantitative requirements do not replace the qualitative goals of producing work that demonstrates progress and improvement in creative development and direction.


Course Withdrawals

Should the OSA cancel a course, students will receive a full refund. Students who wish to withdraw from a course beyond the cancellation deadline will be subject to the OSA withdrawal or transfer policies.


Students may be asked to leave the program for the following reasons:


•          Unprofessional conduct or occurrences that may demean the reputation of the OSA

•          Failure to complete the program within the three-year time limit


Course Failure

If a student fails a required course they must repeat and pass that course as soon as possible. Students are given three (3) opportunities to pass any course, which is a requirement for the certificate.



Mandatory Courses

Drawing: introduction and intermediate levels

Life Drawing

Painting: introduction and intermediate levels

Sculpture: introduction level


Elective Courses

Drawing: advanced level

Painting: advanced level


Digital Photography



Wood Carving



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