Adult General Interest

The Ottawa School of Art offers four levels of instruction to help students select courses relative to their skill and experience. Each level includes courses covering a variety of media. A minimum number of registrations are required to avoid cancellation of a course. Please register 5 days before the start date.


Most students at this level have a strong interest in art with little practical experience. Fundamental courses help develop fundamental skills and encourage students by giving them a solid start in art.


Students who are at the introductory level have some basic techniques in a specific medium and have identified their directional focus. Courses designated as Introductory/Intermediate allow students to move to the slightly more difficult level when they are ready.


Although not a requirement, many intermediate students have taken several introductory courses. While goals for both levels are similar, intermediate level students have begun to understand and apply themselves to their chosen medium with some skill.


Advanced students work independently and receive one-to-one instructor support and ongoing critiques of their work. Students concentrate on individual style and content while developing strong directional focus and technical skills.

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