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Info about the OSA’s on site and off site exhibit spaces. They are wonderful forums for showcasing work produced by OSA students, Instructors and General Members.


Onsite Exhibit Spaces:


There are three vitrines located in the main hallway, on the first floor, across from the elevator. These spaces are intended to display works done by students in the diploma, portfolio, certificate, general day & evening and children / teen classes. They are usually booked for a two week period, but time can be extended depending on scheduling demands. Instructors are responsible for overseeing the installation and takedown which is usually done by the students. A brief description of the class and the work being exhibited is needed. Labels including the artist’s name, title of work, medium and date completed, for each work are preferred but a list of participating students is also acceptable.


The Lee Matasi Gallery & The Lorraine “Fritzi” Yale Gallery:

The Lee Matasi gallery is reserved for diploma students, mentorship exhibitions and work produced by second year classes. Each diploma student is required to exhibit their work in the Lee Matasi Gallery at least once during their third year of study and preferably before they apply for any of the off-site venues. Students are provided with a separate guideline information sheet, when their exhibit is scheduled for this gallery. Exhibitions in this space are organized through the OSA Diploma Advisor and the Gallery Coordinator.


In addition to the Lee Matasi gallery, OSA third year graduating students are offered the option of exhibiting their work in a gorgeous professional gallery setting. The Great Canadian Theatre Company, (G.C.T.C.), and the OSA have partnered up, to present the work of established and emerging local artists in the Lorraine “Fritzi” Yale Gallery located on the second level of the G.C.T.C., 1233 Wellington Street West at Holland. Exhibitions in this space are 4 to 5 weeks long, coinciding with the G.C.T.C.’s theater production time schedule. Exhibiting artists are given an additional opportunity to interface with the public during “First Thursday’s”, a community art walk, offering ‘walking distance’ evening access to 6 neighborhood galleries. This event is held on the first Thursday of each month from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Exhibitions in this space are organized through the OSA Diploma Advisor and the Gallery Coordinator.


The OSA Boutique:

This space offers all OSA students, instructors and members, (Byward and Orleans campus’), an excellent opportunity to sell their work. Work in this venue is ‘changed over’ seasonally with a one month advanced notification date posted on the OSA website, artengine, facebook and on posters placed around the school. Submission forms will be provided in the boutique and are made available for downloading from the OSA website one month prior to the change over. School membership cards must be up to date in order to submit work for the boutique.

There are also four ‘off-site partnership’ exhibit spaces available to all students, instructors, and general members of the OSA’s Byward campus as well as Orleans campus.


Off-site Exhibit Spaces:


The Primecorp exhibit space is located at 275 Bank Street, ‘physically’ at the north east corner of Bank St. and Somerset St., just east of Gabriel’s Pizza Restaurant. This exhibit space consists of three unheated bay style display windows. Each window measures 120” in width, 87” in height and 14” in depth and offers a streetscape viewing access to the public. Each window is accessed by a locked heavy metal door at the rear. All artworks must be wired and ready to hang. Artworks are installed on “S” hooks and chains which hang from a metal angle above each door.

The rotation of artworks for this space is approximately every 2 months.


Minto Suites Hotel:

The OSA currently has two exhibit spaces with the Minto Suites Hotel. The first exhibit space is located at 187 Lyon St. north entrance, at the beginning of the concourse on the main floor. The dimensions for this display case are: 53” in height, 191” in length, and 14” in depth. It offers access to a high traffic up scale business and vacation traveler clientele. Gallery ready 2D artworks are installed by hanging hardware to a self healing, bulletin board linoleum product, light tan in colour. Glass shelving is available for light 3D artworks. The space is secured behind locked sliding glass panels.

The second exhibit space is located on the main concourse just around the corner from “Treats” coffee shop at the 344 Slater St. entrance. It measures 112” in length, 50” in height and 6” in depth, and offers security by three locked sliding glass panels.

The rotation of artworks for these two spaces is approximately every 2 months.


Preston Square:

Preston Square and the Waterford Property Group have partnered with the OSA, offering a beautiful exhibit space located at 347 Preston Street, second floor. This exhibit space consists of two walls; one measuring 40 feet in length and the other approximately 18 feet in length. Both walls are lit by a row of accent spot lighting. This space offers access to hi traffic business and public clientele and is conducive for larger format 2D artworks. The rotation of artworks for this space is approximately every three months.



General information for the Off Site Spaces:

OSA Students, Instructors or General Members who are interested in exhibiting work in these spaces, either solo or as a group, are encouraged to visit the space of choice, to get a sense of it. Booking requests can be done either in person or by emailing the Gallery Coordinator at boutique@artottawa.ca Indicate your venue of choice and provide three images from the body of work you would like to show. The Gallery Coordinator reserves the right to refuse distasteful or unsuitable work.

When time slots are booked, the following information is required at least 3 weeks prior to the installation date:

– A title for your exhibition,

– A brief description of your work,

– An artist statement and brief biography, (both on a single 8 1/2” x 11” page),

– A label information list, including the following for each artwork:

– Title of the work,

– Medium used,

– Year the work was completed,

– Size indicated in inches or centimeters,

– Price, (if the artwork is not for sale, indicate with ‘NFS’)


Note – A layout plan, indicating the placement of the each artwork within the display area is helpful for organizing and determining the quantity of works for the space.


Selling Work:

Artists exhibiting in the off site spaces have the opportunity to sell their work as well. Potential buyer contact information is passed onto the artist and any subsequent sales are done privately. Neither the owner of the space nor the OSA will retain a commission for any work sold. All work must remain with the exhibit until the closing date, at which time the artist can make arrangements for delivery of any sold work.



Note: School membership cards must be up to date in order to submit work for the any of the above venues.

Inquiries can be directed to:


Cathy Brake
Gallery and Boutique Coordinator

Ottawa School of Art
35 rue George St.,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 8W5
Ph. 613-241-7471 ext. 27
Fx. 613-241-4391


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