Artist resident Géraldine Petit­-Gras



The Ottawa School of Art (OSA) is pleased to announce the first artist resident Géraldine Petit­-Gras for the Fall/Winter term. Géraldine Petit-Gras, who is a ceramic artist, graduated from the OSA Diploma Program in 2009. She was born in Aix-­en­-Provence (France) and has been living in Ottawa since 2002. The delicate and serene quality of her ceramic pieces evokes both the beauty and fragility of nature. Using the sea, the birthplace of living organisms, as the source of her imagery, she draws attention to sustainable development as the only way to ensure the survival of our species. Since 2009 Géraldine has been exhibiting in numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as teaching art at various institutions. The OSA residency program will provide Géraldine (and other artists) with the opportunity to devote uninterrupted time to their artwork in the supportive and stimulating environment at OSA. The residency program is located at the ByWard Market campus where artists will have access to specialized studios for ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. Resident artists will have access to these studios during the school’s regular hours of operation.




“Below the surface of the oceans, a silent world bears witness to the accelerating rise of our species and its excesses.  Coral reefs are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth.  Healthy corals grow all their life and over generations.  However water pollution, overfishing and climate change have drastically modified their habitat in a short period of time.  Discoloration and arrested development are all warning signs that if ignored will lead to the death of over 50% of the world’s coral reefs by 2030.”

 – Géraldine Petit-Gras


The residency program offers access to the ceramics, printmaking and sculpture studios.

During this first year OSA will accept a maximum of 2 artists per specialized studio at any time from September 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015.


For more details about the OSA Residency Program please visit:


2014 OSA Residency Application Form


Application Deadline: The application deadline is an open or rolling deadline. Applicants should get their applications in for review no less that one month before the proposed start date of their residency. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and a first-come-first served priority for approved residencies.