Arbor Gallery Presents: A solo exhibition of Virginia Dupuis (OSA Alumni)

Arbor Gallery Presents

A solo exhibition of Virginia Dupuis

Threads of Time

August 27 – September 20, 2015


Galerie Arbor présente

Une exposition solo de Virginia Dupuis

Au fils du temps

27 août – 20 septembre 2015

Curator  / Commissaire : John Olsthoorn

Rencontrez l’artiste!
le dimanche 30 août
entre 13 h et 15 h
Meet the artist!
Sunday, August 30th
1 to 3 p.m.
Dancing Picots (Oil on canvas, 2015) by/par Virginia Dupuis
About the exhibition
Virginia Dupuis’ paintings of stitched doilies, afghans and tablecloths, pay tribute to the often overlooked craft of women’s handiwork.Clusters and bands of threads around a spool, wound or unwound, or the repeating petal and leaf shapes of the crocheted doily present the pattern within the pattern, as if connecting the parts in a sequence of thin threads of a memory.

To have a sense of who and how these items were created, is to be aware of its larger meaning – of the unspoken nurturing and traditions behind the objects. Just as a thread is a continuous element, so, too is the tradition of the handiwork of women.

The thread that runs through the whole of this exhibition is respect for simple traditions, for those who nurture or pass on their skills. It is this continuity of patient persistence that pervades the “Threads of Time”.

Threads represent the simplest, fragile, strands of memories “of a time” – a time long ago, and “of time” – time so generously embued in each stitch.