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The Ottawa School of Art offers a full range of specialized art courses including lifedrawing, landscape painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, lithography, watercolour, etching, printmaking, and a wide variety of specialized short courses and workshops. Children’s and Teens’ classes range from multi-media to animation and cartooning, sculpture and construction, pottery, drawing and painting. In addition to art courses, the OSA’s programs have grown to include visiting artist-in-residence workshops, a professional exhibitions gallery (which hosts solo and groups shows by local, national and international artists), a non-for-credit Arts Fundamentals Certificate, a one-year Portfolio Development Program and a 3-year Diploma Program.


“The OSA is the leading centre for visual arts education and creative expression in the Ottawa region”


“By 2020 the OSA will be a major centre in Canada for developing excellence in the visual arts”


  • The OSA
  • Is inclusive and accessible
  • Is studio-oriented and studio-based
  • Offers a collaborative and creative environment
  • Promotes diversity
  • Is student-centred
  • Fosters imagination, creativity and Innovation
  • Provides hands-on training by practicing artists


  1. To build on programs for all ages, all levels of skill and experience
  2. To continue to be a strong promoter and advocate of visual arts
  3. To evolve as a multi-disciplinary creative and exploratory learning centre
  4. To continue to build relationships with the local community and to gain a national profile
  5. To strengthen organizational stability and increase financial stability


“Teaching art to everyone”

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