2018 Fine Arts Diploma Graduation

You are invited!
2018 Fine Arts Diploma Graduation
Exhibition When: June 28 th – July 29 th , 2018
Where: 35 George Street, Ottawa
Vernissage: Thursday June 28 th , 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

The Ottawa School of Art is proud to present the graduation exhibition of the 2018 Fine Arts Diploma students. The exhibition features works by Robert Bradley, Harrison McPherson Duncan, Kathryn Ehret, Laurence Finet, Francisco Le ón , Jacqueline Mudie, Yanie Porlier, Roger Sutcliffe, and Claire Alexandra Winmil. The Ottawa School of Art offers a three year pre-professional program of study in the fine arts. The works in the graduation exhibition are drawn from the third year of the program that features self-directed studio courses and apprenticeships with artists who have influenced the candidate’s development. Our 2018 graduates are nine independent artists who pursue increasingly varied artistic practices with individual flair. The nine graduates have collectively form the group, 9x. The number nine is symbolic of the ending of a cycle; having achieved completion and fulfillment. ‘X’ represents a variable, or the variation between each of our artistic interests and methods, as well as our ability to shift and adapt. The Ottawa School of Art has provided both the resources and support needed to grow and solidify as unique individuals, both personally and artistically. We complete this last endeavour as students of the Ottawa School of Art and prepare to begin our new journey as emerging artists. You are invited to celebrate their success. 35 rue George Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 8W5 613.241.7471 www.artottawa.ca