Off-site Galleries


Minto Suite Hotel | 187 Lyon St. North

The Minto Suites Hotel exhibition space is located at 187 Lyon St. north, just at the beginning of the concourse on the main floor.  These display case measures 53” in height, 191” in length, and 14” in depth and offers access to a high traffic up scale business and vacation traveler clientele.



May 21, 2014 – July 23, 2014
Patricia Savoie is showing 17 of her oil paintings at the Minto Suites Hotel showcase from May 21 to July 23.


Artist Statement

Tricia Wilmot Savoie

As a painter, I am primarily a landscape impressionist. Years of reading and study have helped develop my knowledge, while the gradual awakening of my inner senses has guided my endeavours to blend light and colour into beauty. The landscape of the world around us holds the key to the rhythm of life and I envision my canvasses dancing with sunshine and light. I am constantly striving to realize this through each finished work. For this reason I find painting “en plein air” puts me in an empowering environment, allowing me to paint “the moment” quickly and spontaneously, forcing me to condense and process what I see into a reality without clutter that I can convey to my audience. I see painting as a universal language. It is the language of my soul, and my goal as an artist is to communicate with the viewer, without need for the spoken word. Every canvas I face becomes an adventure. I begin with my own emotional response to a scene, vista or perception of reality and work to recreate and convey that emotional response to the viewer. My task is not to merely reproduce the physicality of the scene, but to capture the atmosphere and emotions that are intrinsic everywhere in nature, and then connect the subject to the viewer through the shared emotions. Painting is not a vocation; it is a life-long journey and an exploration of the soul. Every painting is a bridge. Every brush stroke is a ripple in the river affording me the opportunity to transmit energy, feelings, and to connect with others and share my vision of harmony and peacefulness.


Primecorp Display Windows | Corner of Bank St. and Somerset St.

The Primecorp exhibit space is located at 275 Bank Street, ‘physically’ at the north east corner of Bank St. and Somerset St., just east of Gabriel’s Pizza Restaurant.   This exhibit space consists of three, bay style, display windows.  Each window measures 120” in width, 87” in height and 14” in depth and offers a streetscape viewing access to the public at a very high traffic zone.


May 20, 2014 – July 22, 2014
Hamid Ayoub is showing 12 of his acrylic paintings at the Primecorp showcase from May 20 to July 22.


Artist Statement

Hamid Ayoub

Throughout my journey as an artist, I have discovered great thematic support in the “Humanities”. Inspired by the field, I strive to contribute without reservation to the global arts community, immaterial of political, racial, religious or gender considerations by respecting and regarding the human spirit. As a youth, I participated in many activities that introduced me to an appreciation of volunteerism and unconditionally helping others. All the while I continued to cultivate my artistic career and relentlessly pursued painting and drawing throughout secondary school. Personal circumstances temporarily limited my pursuit of the fine arts, however due to my determination and desire to create; I achieved post-secondary success and in 1991, graduated with honors in Textile Design and Printing. Before and after graduation I explored the theme of “civilization”. Influenced by African arts and traditions, I found myself expressing this theme using warm colours (earth tones) to create a symbiotic relationship between movement and stability. Using nature and human interaction as a template, I illustrated my thoughts and feelings through the individual use of oil, acrylic, watercolour and the development of a variety of techniques. The canvas reflected civilization as I witnessed it. As an artist, I have expanded my creative repertoire to include the use of bright colours to enhance and communicate the joy and dynamism of the subjects illustrated in my paintings. Through the use of colours, I strive to reflect the beauty and continuity of the human soul. This beauty continues to be of the utmost importance in this day and age.



Canadian Tire | 330 Coventry Rd.

The Canadian Tire exhibition space is the newest addition, located at 330 Coventry Road in Ottawa. The exhibition space allows OSA Students, OSA Instructors and general OSA Members, from both the By Ward campus and Orleans campus to exhibit artworks for the general public to view and purchase. The location of the store is a great tie between the By Ward Campus and the Orleans Campus as it is located between both schools.


May 20, 2014 – July 22, 2014
Charlene Walker is showing 6 of her mixed mediums paintings at the Canadian Tire showcase from May 20 to July 22.



Brief description of work

I prefer to use acrylic on board. My focus is on texture and colour. I paint in layers, starting with an underpainting and layering on texture and colour in many steps. All the pieces were created using acrylic on board/canvas and most employ some type of acrylic texture medium; such as modeling paste, nepheline gel or string gel. For the most part, I draw inspiration from nature. I simplify what I see and try to impart calm and serenity into the painting. I want it to bring peace to the viewer – the world is crazy enough. There is a dream-like quality to the paintings that takes them a step towards the abstract and away from the figurative.



Charlene Walker is a visual artist living in Ottawa. She tries to make sense of a complex world by distilling the subject matter down to a simple, strong vision of its essential elements. The hallmark of her work is the use of texture and strong colour. Her favored medium is acrylic painting but she also dabbles in mixed-media.  She has been painting for several years and has shown her work in various galleries and collections around Ottawa.

Artist Statement

During the course of my vicarious travels series, I often found myself painting mountainscapes.  I think I am fascinated by them, because having grown up on the prairies, I rarely saw them.  These are some of the mountainscapes I was drawn to, based on photos from all over the world.