Off-site Galleries

Minto Suite Hotel | 187 Lyon St. North

The Minto Suites Hotel exhibition space is located at 187 Lyon St. north, just at the beginning of the concourse on the main floor.  These display case measures 53” in height, 191” in length, and 14” in depth and offers access to a high traffic up scale business and vacation traveler clientele.


Pamela Lasserre is showing a selection of works from October 8 to December 3, 2014.







Pamela Cockcroft-Lasserre


Artist Statement


To capture and suspend time and movement into paint, coupled with the syncopated sway and cadence of tango music was the challenge in creating this suite of paintings.  Inspired by the thrill of the dance itself, its post Can-can emergence with African and Spanish roots and turbulent history from slum to refined salon, it was ultimately the laments of lost love and vengeance that contributed some narrative.  Fashion, symbolism and La Belle Epoch were part of my fascination and intent to meld all into exuberant manifestations of couples lost in a dance of seduction, attraction, repulsion and tense desire.




Abbreviated biography


Born and raised in South Africa and Namibia, qualified as a teacher in Cape Town, studied Fine Art in London, England (Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting of St. Martin’s Central, University of the Arts, London), graduated with Merit Distinction.  Returned to Cape Town as an Assistant Gallery Custodian, Lecturer in European Art History, Art Critic (Cape Times), painting and exhibiting in group shows.  Widely traveled in Southern Africa and Europe, now settled in the Gatineau Hills, Québec, creating predominantly figure paintings and drawings, Teaching at the Ottawa School of Art and exhibiting regularly.

Work found in private collections in South Africa, France, USA and Canada.  Carried by Orange Gallery in Ottawa.




Primecorp Display Windows | Corner of Bank St. and Somerset St.

The Primecorp exhibit space is located at 275 Bank Street, ‘physically’ at the north east corner of Bank St. and Somerset St., just east of Gabriel’s Pizza Restaurant.   This exhibit space consists of three, bay style, display windows.  Each window measures 120” in width, 87” in height and 14” in depth and offers a streetscape viewing access to the public at a very high traffic zone.



Christiane Kingsley and Luminita Serbanescu will be showing a selection of their paintings and photographs from October 7 to December 2, 2014.


Christiane Kingsley is a fine arts painter who works in watercolour,acrylic and mixed mediaShe started her art journey more than 25 years ago as a part-time fiber artist and colourist..  About 10 years ago, she discovered the magic of watercolour and the transition to this artistic expression was most fluid and logical. Christiane retired in December 2010 after a successful career as a high school teacher and later as a director in the federal Public Service.


She is now a full-time painter and is very involved in the Ottawa arts community. She recently served for two years on the board of directors of the Foyer Gallery, the executive of the Ottawa Art Association and she is currently the Digital Archivist and Members Night Registrar for the Nepean Fine Arts League.  She is also the art curator for the Café 111 Lisgar Gallery in the Ottawa City Hall building.


One of her favourite themes is stone carvings: her watercolour series include Mascaroni (carved head over archways) from her several trips to Venice, carvings from the Gothic façade of the Canadian Parliament Building and Green Men from stunning local Ottawa carvings. She is currently working on series in acrylics of aquatic plants, floating leaves and submerged rocks.


Christiane’s work can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, Europe, and Great Britain.


She is represented in Ottawa by the Kevin Dodds Gallery at 1101 Bank Street at Sunnyside. Her work is also available through various international online galleries.


Christiane Kingsley

Artist Statement


When I paint, I am happy and feel whole.


My work wants to be a sharing of a moment of serenity and balance. It is an expression and reconciliation of my inner dichotomy: I love creativity while needing structure; I love fluidity and softness of colors while craving realist details and lines.

Consequently, for example, my watercolour floral works demonstrate realism with colors much enhanced by my imagination. Similarly, my watercolour Italian cityscapes combine strong architectural lines with the softness of light and color. My paintings of sculptures and carvings depict the dancing light on crumbling brickwork, the subtle shadows on Venetian metalwork or pastel colors on the stone carvings. In my “Leaves Series”, mysterious but serene light filters through the stems and leaves, water shimmers here and there as the leaves float on the pond.


I paint the beauty of light and the joy I find in life!




Artist’s Statement


I love looking at people, seeing how they interact, their body language, the reaction to each other, observing the composition resulting between all their bodies, how the curve of one arm will continue with a someone else’s shoulder, and sometime the look in a youth’s eyes shakes me to the core!


Looking at people is like reading a book, with characters that move you, make you want to cry and laugh, make you want to be with them, read them, love them.


I admire nature for its incredible patience with our race, and I surrender to its infinite wisdom beauty!


My paintings are stories where the main character is the light! I paint because I want to show you what I see when I look at the world!  I paint for you, to interpret the beauty of life that I see around me, so you could see how the light changes everything, to make you stop and see this beauty that makes me alive!










Canadian Tire | 330 Coventry Rd.

The Canadian Tire exhibition space is the newest addition, located at 330 Coventry Road in Ottawa. The exhibition space allows OSA Students, OSA Instructors and general OSA Members, from both the By Ward campus and Orleans campus to exhibit artworks for the general public to view and purchase. The location of the store is a great tie between the By Ward Campus and the Orleans Campus as it is located between both schools.




Beata Jakubek is showing a selection of her acrylic works from October 7 the December 2, 2014.


Artist’s Statement

Beata Jakubek



In my painting, I attempt to capture a mood of places and communicate my feelings by using simple lines and colour. I focus on interaction of colours and division of space. I frequently do a detailed drawing first and then simplify it in my studio by eliminating unimportant details and accentuating the important ones. I explore texture working with mixed media and collage to add third dimension to my paintings. The artists whom I particularly admire include Josef Albers, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Henri Matisse. While learning from their work, I develop my own methods of creative expression.