Off-site Galleries


Minto Suite Hotel | 187 Lyon St. North

The Minto Suites Hotel exhibition space is located at 187 Lyon St. north, just at the beginning of the concourse on the main floor.  These display case measures 53” in height, 191” in length, and 14” in depth and offers access to a high traffic up scale business and vacation traveler clientele.



January 15, 2014 – March 19, 2014
Minto Suites Hotel:  Dominiuqe Boisvenue will be showcasing a body of her apprenticeship work.  Nine acrylic abstract paintings will be on display at this site from January 15 until March 19, 2014.


Artist Statement

As a graffiti artist I often work with synthetic matter.  For this series I wanted to use organic colours and methods to explore the natural colours that are offered to us.

The canvases are made from scratch in Ottawa. I have dyed the canvas in my bathtub, (often left the house with purple fingers in consequence) and used the shapes that were established in the canvas to create pieces on them or leave them as I saw fit. I hope you appreciate.




Based in Vanier Ottawa, Mique Michelle is an abstract visual artist. Originating from Northern Ontario, she explores many diverse techniques inspired by her culture and surroundings. Showcasing her aboriginal heritage alongside & her urban influences she utilizes her love for street art through her use of spray paint in the majority of her work. Thus breaking the misconceptions individuals have regarding street art by presenting abstract pieces that bridge fine art and graffiti. With many projects on the way and her every evolving nature, be sure she will always accept new challenges and new mediums.



Primecorp Display Windows | Corner of Bank St. and Somerset St.

The Primecorp exhibit space is located at 275 Bank Street, ‘physically’ at the north east corner of Bank St. and Somerset St., just east of Gabriel’s Pizza Restaurant.   This exhibit space consists of three, bay style, display windows.  Each window measures 120” in width, 87” in height and 14” in depth and offers a streetscape viewing access to the public at a very high traffic zone.


January 14, 2014 – March 18, 2014

Primecorp:  John Page will be showing a selection of his oil on canvas paintings.  These works will be on display from January 14 until March 18, 2014.


Artist Statement

John Page is relatively new to the art scene, having started to paint in mid-life.  Originally John had studied commercial art but had decided that fine art was the forté that gave him the most satisfaction.  After experimenting with other mediums, John settled on ‘oil on canvas’ as the medium that satisfied his eye.

John lived in a rural area for a number of years and derived the majority of his wor4k from that experience.  While being known for his landscapes, John also believes in practicing the other classical disciplines of still–life, portraiture, and nudes.  Regarding his obvious love for painting, John stated; “Painting for me is a passion, and if a passion is consuming…let it devour me completely”



Canadian Tire | 330 Coventry Rd.

The Canadian Tire exhibition space is the newest addition, located at 330 Coventry Road in Ottawa. The exhibition space allows OSA Students, OSA Instructors and general OSA Members, from both the By Ward campus and Orleans campus to exhibit artworks for the general public to view and purchase. The location of the store is a great tie between the By Ward Campus and the Orleans Campus as it is located between both schools.


January 14, 2014 – March 18, 2014

Canadian Tire:  A group exhibiton at this site; Christiane Kingsley and Luminita Serbanescu will be showcasing a selection of their works from January 14 until March 18, 2014.    



“When I paint, I am happy and feel whole.”

Christiane Kingsley is a fine arts painter who works in watercolour and acrylic. She started her art journey more than 25 years ago as a part-time fiber artist and colourist.. About 10 years ago, she discovered the magic of watercolour and the transition to this artistic expression was most fluid and logical. Christiane retired in December 2010 after a successful career as a high school teacher and later as a director in the federal Public Service. She is now a full-time painter, a juried-in permanent member of the Foyer Gallery at the Nepean Sportsplex, an active member of the Nepean Fine Arts League and of the Ottawa Art Association where she has received a first place prize and a third place prize for her watercolours and was the 2012 recipient of the Blythe-MacDonald Trophy for the Best in Watercolours. Christiane is very involved in the Ottawa arts community. She recently served for two years on the board of directors of the Foyer Gallery, the executive of the Ottawa Art Association and she is currently the Digital Archivist for the Nepean Fine Arts League. She is also the art curator for two downtown Cafes and one Ottawa Medical Clinic. Christiane displays some of her watercolour paintings without glass through archival varnishing processes that produces a vibrant painting that can be displayed and framed like an acrylic or oil painting. She also loves to use the various acrylic paints, gels and mediums that are now available on the market. One of her favourite themes is stone carvings: her watercolour series include Mascaroni (carved head over archways) from her several trips to Venice, carvings from the Gothic façade of the Canadian Parliament Building and Green Men from stunning local Ottawa carvings. She is currently working on series in acrylics of aquatic plants, floating leaves and submerged rocks. Christiane’s work can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, Europe and Great Britain.

Luminita was born in Transylvania, Romania, where she spent the first 3 years of her life learning to draw. She later continued her education by studying architecture at the University in Bucharest. She also kept experimenting with different art forms, drawing, painting, watercolor, sculpture, photography. With a diploma in Architecture, and a life changing relocation to Canada, she worked hard at developing a home design business and raising a son. There was little or no time for art. Not surprisingly, art did not wish to be forgotten and began to reclaim little by little its rightful place in Luminita’s life. Soon Luminita began selling some of her work, as well as planning how to make more time for art. Art is no longer “only a hobby” but a full time passion, to be nourished and revered. Now she concentrates on helping gallery owners and the public at large discover and collect her art. She describes her style as “luminism”! In Romanian, Luminita means “little light” so, no surprisingly IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT!




Artist Statement



When I paint, I am happy and feel whole.

My work wants to be a sharing of a moment of serenity and balance. It is an expression and reconciliation of my inner dichotomy: I love creativity while needing structure; I love fluidity and softness of colors while craving realist details and lines.

Consequently, for example, my watercolour florals demonstrate realism with colors much enhanced by my imagination. Similarly, my watercolour Italian cityscapes combine strong architectural lines with the softness of light and color. My paintings of sculptures and carvings depict the dancing light on crumbling brickwork, the subtle shadows on Venetian metalwork or pastel colors on the stone carvings. I paint the beauty of light and the joy I find in life!



I have been storing images in my mind forever! After a while, when the memory became too small for the amount of beauty I collected, I felt the need to paint! It was not a choice, it was a hunger! I choose and treasure the images where the light is most spectacular, where the contrast between light and dark, colourful and pale move me to the core and I paint them from the light out. My paintings are stories where the main character is the light! I paint because I want to show you what I see when I look at the world! I paint for you, to interpret the beauty I see around me, so you could see how the light changes everything, to make you stop and see this beauty that makes me alive! Allow yourself to dream! Enjoy the ride!