OSA Donors
Thanks to the generosity of our Angels, through their donations and volunteer work, the Ottawa School of Art (OSA) continues to be a leader in providing innovative and high quality art education programming which is accessible and affordable for everyone.

Friend ($25 – $99)
A Cause for Art! (ACFA)
Mr. & Mrs. Berman
Ms. Boulé
Mr. Brault
Mrs. Cameron
Ms. Carlman
Mrs. Cooke
Ms. Côté
Ms. Devdas
Ms. Duffy
Mr. FitzGerald
Ms. Grey
Mr. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Kangas
Ms. Lewis
Ms. McCloskey
Ms. M’Gonigle
Ms. Nathan Marcus
Ms. Shapiro
Ms. Sibbald
Mr. & Mrs. Stern
Ms. Wasserlauf
In Honour of Angeline Gosselin
In Honour of Morton Baslaw (2)
In Memory of Robert Hyndman (6)
In Memory of Elisaveta Nenkova
Anonymous (2)

Supporter ($100 – $249)
Ms. Belisle
Mr. Clifton
Mr. Degagné
Mr. De Marinis
Ms. Duffy
Mr. Dunbar
Mrs. Hnatyshyn
Mr. Houlton
Mr. V. Henderson
Ms. Hu
Ms. Jaques
Ms. Jefremovas
Mrs. Jenkins
Ms. Laham
Ms. Leung
Mr. Marchand
Ms. McAllister
Mr. & Mrs. McInnes
Mrs. Murray
Ms. Nash
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Sevigny
Mr. & Mrs. Stellick
Mr. Takeuchi
Ms. Waterman
Ms. Whiteside
In Memory of Robert Hyndman (5)
In Memory of Lee Matasi
In Memory of Elisaveta Nenkova
Anonymous (3)
Patron ($250 – $499)
Mr. Anderson
Ms. Dale
Betty Davison Fund
Mr. Finnie
Mr. Grant
Mr. Leggett
Mr. Nisbet
Tapei Economic and Cultural Office, Canada
Ms. Valberg
In Memory of Robert Hyndman
In Memory of Lee Matasi
Anonymous – United Way Ottawa

Benefactor ($500 – $999)
Ms. Arnold
Ms. Cantu
Mr. Gibson – Corrie Gibson Memorial Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Westeinde
In Memory of Kelly Aylett
In Memory of Robert Hyndman

Angel ($1000+)
Art Appreciation Group,The – Engineers’ Wives Association of Ottawa
Dr. Clarke (1939 – 2008) – Ted Marshall Memorial Fund
Elliott Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Henderson
Mr. Jameson
Ms. Jessop – Lee Matasi Memorial Fund
Mr. Lerner
Marie Louise Lynch Fund
Lillian Raport Memorial Fund for the Arts
Mrs. Westran
In Memory of Frances Miller – United Way International
AOE ARTicipate Endowment Fund
BMO Employee Charitable Foundation
Canada Council for the Arts
Canyon Foundation, The
Community Foundation of Ottawa
Gainey Foundation
George Lunan Foundation, The
G.I.F.T., Grocery Industry Foundation… Together
Harold Crabtree Foundation, The
J. P. Bickell Foundation
May Court Club of Ottawa
Minto Foundation Community Fund
Ontario Arts Foundation (AEPI) (AEFP)
Ontario Trillium Foundation, The
Ottawa Arts Court Foundation
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
artopix, Centre de la Diapo
Bay, The – Rideau
Capital Pottery Supplies & Studio
De Marinis (DMA) Inc.
Desjardins Caisse populaire Rideau d’Ottawa
Encadrements Vogue Framing Inc.
Epson Canada
Great-West Life
Irene’s Pub
Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club
Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc.
Signatures Shows Ltd.
Wallack’s Art Supplies
Ottawa Citizen
Minto Suite Hotel
City of Ottawa
ipo Gallery
Ottawa Mixed Media Artists
SAW Gallery