Our Donors

Our Donors

Thank you to all our donors!


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, through their donations and volunteer work, the Ottawa School of Art (OSA) continues to be a leader in providing innovative and high quality art education programming which is accessible and affordable for everyone. You have contributed to the School’s growth and enabled hundreds of thousands of visitors, families and students benefit from art through the education, cultural and community activities, workshops, classes and exhibitions.


(List updated twice a year August & January)


Our Individual Donors 2014-2015


Liana Van Der Bellen

Helen Burgan

Jean-Gabriel Baisi

Alexandra Badzak

David & Judy Burelle

Don Burke

Sandra Bynne

Andrew Beamish

Anna Carlman

Dr.Clark (1939-2008)- Ted Marshall Memorial Fund

Louis & Mimi Cabri

Nina Camilleri

Atsuko Cooke

Adena & Patrick Cueno

Diana Cantu

Brian Dennehy

Michelle Dennehy

Nadia Desrochers

Nalini Devdas

Virginia Dupuis

Andrew & Audrey Fay

Ute Gerbrandt- Leonard Gerbrandt Printmaking Scholarship

Mr. Gibson –Corrie Gibson Memorial Fund

David & Helen Finnie

Jennifer Haney

Jules Harris

David & Nicole Henderson- David & Nicole Henderson Scholarship

Paul Hewitt

Sareena Hopkins

David Holton

Jessica Houle

Jamie Harris Hyde

Ms. Jessop- Lee Matasi Memorial Fund

Amy Jenkins

Mirielle Kadima

Mr. & Mrs. Kangas

Benny Kenn

Amoene von Koehler

Valorie Laalo

Nadia Laham

Megan Lafreniere

Marcel Legare

Rosemary Lindal

Gayle Kells

Elspeth McKay

Maureen McPherson

Don Monet

Margot Morisette

Virginia Haddock + Jordan Mulholland

Lauren Mullin

Martha Nixon

Melanie Ouimet-Sarazin

Carmen Papalia

Clayton Powell

Lillian Raport Memorial Fund for the Arts

Assel El Rayes

Sanabel El-Rayes

Becky Rynor

Helen Sadler

Allan Sansom

Ms. Shapiro

Vanessa Sherif

Tony Sistakis

Nick Smith

Victoria Steele

Annette de Stetcher

Sary Stolow

Bo Tunpin

Sharif Virani

Audrey Vermette

Karen Vinczeffy

Isobel Watson

Malika Welsh

Alisha Williams

Emily White

Joyce Wright