Testimonials [PC]

Portfolio Certificate Testimonials

The Ottawa School of Art is an environment that allowed me to explore my artistic potential at a pace I was comfortable with. In addition to a well rounded and accomplished portfolio, I have finished the year with a better understanding of my own creative direction and a firm grasp of what I hope to accomplish next year.

Ben Egly
Accepted to Mont Allison University, General Arts Program, Fall 2011
2011 Portfolio Certificate

The Portfolio Program at the Ottawa School of Art is a great option for anyone looking … to get a general hands-on learning for the visual arts. Not only did the curriculum exceed my expectations, the teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about the arts, which allows for a more effective educational experience. Over the course of one year … I have become more aware of myself as an artist and a student …

Gabriela Avila-Yiptong
2011 Portfolio Certificate

In September, I will attending NSCAD University, and I owe it all to the winning portfolio that the awesome year-long Portfolio Program at OSA helped me to create. It was so much fun and I would with the highest regards recommend it to anyone.
Kelly Hein
2011 Portfolio Certificate

The instructors at the school were friendly and supportive and, to this day, I am grateful for their help and advice. OSA is a community of up-and-coming, established, and novice artists who wish to learn more or learn something new. Thanks to the support of the school and mentorship while volunteering at the gallery, I will now be preparing for my Master’s degree in Contemporary Art at OCAD U.
Valerie Krizan
2010 Portfolio Certificate

The OSA Portfolio Certificate Program provided a challenging, yet rewarding educational environment, stressing a practical hands-on approach to learning. I became part of a close-knit artistic community which not only supported my creative endeavors, but allowed me to experience aspects of being a professional artist, from getting critiqued to opportunities to show my work in galleries.

Maya Hum
2008 Portfolio Certificate
Accepted into a Masters of Arts Program
Ryerson and York University (Joint program)