Success! The city is purchasing my print! Thank you so much for your advice about my application. I am thrilled. None of this would have happened had I not taken the program at OSA. I am very grateful.

Katie Argyle
2009 Fine Arts Diploma graduate


L’École d’art d’Ottawa m’a permis de bénéficier d’un programme d’apprentissage complet avec des bases techniques solides et assez de théorie pour situer ma pratique artistique dans une continuité historique. J’ai aussi appris les méthodes de recherche, développement et financement de projets; l’importance de bien gérer mon temps et de m’imposer une discipline de production me permettant d’effectuer un travail cohérent et en harmonie avec moi-même.

Géraldine Petit-Gras
2009 diplôme de beaux-arts


One of the greatest things about OSA is the instructors and students.
The instructors are all artists with training from some of the top art colleges and universities in Canada, the United States and Europe. Each instructor has a unique point of view and knowledge to share… I recommend the OSA Diploma program to students of all ages and interests.

Janet Dunbrack
2006 Fine Arts Diploma Graduate


During my time at the Ottawa School of Art I have learned many things, some simple lessons such as trying new forms of art and the notion of producing as much as possible with the goal of experimentation and not worrying about the final outcome… My art has evolved through to abstraction, which has been the most gratifying to develop.

Lee Matasi
2005 Diploma Graduate


The Ottawa School of Art is one-of-a-kind … It is an intimate and welcoming environment that engages its students in positive critical discussions to stimulate the formation of ideas and execution of them with a sophisticated visual approach. The diploma program has personally benefited my development as an artist and as a member of the artistic community.

Kevin Bertram
2005 Diploma Graduate