Registration begins near the end of May and continues until the end of August each year, after which late fees of $25 per course apply.

Prior to registration, an interview with the Diploma Program Coordinator is a requirement for all prospective OSA credit program applicants and for returning students. The Diploma Coordinator is available during specific days for consultation. Interview appointments must be made through the front desk staff or by calling the main number of the school. To register, you must present your course contract completed during your interview with the Diploma Coordinator. Your course contract contains the list of your course selections for the year.

The credit programs operate from September to December (fall term) and from January to April (winter term). A limited number of courses are offered from April to June (spring term).

You must register in person at the front desk during office hours by cheque, debit card, cash, Visa or MasterCard.
It is necessary to become an OSA member before taking courses. You can purchase an annual membership for $30 (plus tax), valid for the entire family, at the time that you register.

Payment arrangements may be considered when the prospective student meets with the Diploma Coordinator.