Fine Arts Diploma Program




The Ottawa School of Art offers diploma students a unique program of intensive, hands-on, well-structured training in the fine art tradition of drawing, painting and sculpture. OSA students have the potential to gain a deeper understanding of their own ideas and practice and to gain greater awareness of how to develop skills in the pursuit of a career in the visual arts.


Over three-years of full time study, students learn a visual expression based on their own concerns and experiences. Starting with a challenging well-designed foundation year, through to the advanced studios, apprenticeships and exhibition opportunities of their final year, students find and develop their capacity for creative thinking. The ability to think creatively puts our students ahead of the wave.


The Ottawa School of Art Fine Arts Diploma Program (full-time and part-time studies) as a Private Career Colleges Act of 2005 under the Private Career Colleges Act of 2005. OSA’s Private Career College ID number is 103046.

Diploma Program Handbook

Diploma Program Handbook French